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And while you're on the site, consider signing up for one of our instructor-led training classes. "The Kemper Difference," which is an overview of doing business with Kemper and is ideal for new producers, and "Quoting and Issuing New Business with RightPrice Web®" are just a few of the classes available.



Question: How can I learn more about the advantages of eBilling?

Answer: We've developed a special eBilling Q&A that is posted on Agent Inside for easy access. Simply log in to Agent Inside, click Training Tools on the left-hand menu and then look in the Training Documents library. You can also access the eBilling Q&A by clicking here.

Question: Why didn't my customer receive their renewal bill along with their renewal documents?

Answer: If the insured is on a monthly pay plan, they will receive the renewal bill with their renewal documents only if the policy is paid in full when the renewal is issued and already beyond the normal issue date for the twelfth installment bill.

Example: This policy is on a monthly payment plan and the policy is paid in full. The policy renewed on March 22, 2011 and effective May 15, 2011. In this case, because the twelfth installment bill was sent on March 25, 2011, the renewal bill was sent on April 25, 2011.

Example: This policy is on a monthly payment plan. The twelfth installment bill was sent on March 10, 2011 with a due date of March 28, 2011. The policy renewed on March 28, 2011 and effective April 30, 2011. In this case, the renewal bill was sent on April 7, 2011.

The customer will receive the renewal bill along with their renewal documents if the policy is on a one pay, two pay or quarterly payment plan and the policy is paid in full before the renewal is issued.

Example: This policy is on a quarterly payment plan and is paid in full. The policy renewed on March 7, 2011 and effective April 24, 2011. In this case, the renewal bill was sent with the renewal documents.

Please note: Dwelling Fire and all other manual policies will have their renewal documents and renewal bills mailed separately.

Question: I want to use the Agency Sweep option offered by Kemper Preferred, but my bank won't allow me to deposit a check, made out to Kemper, into my account. What should I do?

Answer: If your bank requires authorization to deposit checks made payable to Kemper, please contact our Agency Resource Center, 866.675.3345, Option #3, to:
  • Request a customized letter of authorization from us; or to
  • Have us complete the authorization form your bank gave you.

Comparative Rater

Question: When I attempted to bridge my quote over to Kemper, I encountered the following error message: Incorrect ID & Password Combination. What can I do to resolve this error?

Answer: There may be a discrepancy between your Kemper system password and the password that?s stored on your real-time rater. Verify that the passwords are in sync between the two environments.

Note: If your password has expired and has been updated in Agent Inside, the new password must also be updated on your real-time rater.

Question: When attempting to bridge a quote from my real-time rater I encountered the following error message: 101: The reference number 1234567 entered cannot be found. Please verify the reference number(s). What can I do to resolve the error?

Answer: Verify that the producer number has been entered correctly for your agency and that the format meets your raters? format requirements. The message may generate as the result of an incorrect producer code entry into your real-time rater. Refer to the Training menu on Agent Inside, then select the "Printable Document Library" to find the Agency Rating Technology ? Comparative Raters section titled "Credential Format by Rater."

Note: You will not be able to access a quote that has an incorrect producer code format. Once the information has been properly stored in your rater?s credentialing or admin area, you can re-rate the quote from your system and follow the link to RightPrice Web.

Question: I have received a message that the link to my quote or policy has expired. How can I locate my quote?

Answer: For security purposes a quote will remain active for a maximum of one hour. Choose one of these two options if you receive a message that says: Please resubmit or login and perform a search.

  • Update any field within the quote on your real-time rater and re-bridge it to Kemper. This will create a new scenario on RightPrice Web and allow you to bridge into an active quote. Once inside RightPrice Web you can revisit any scenario that is attached to the risk.
  • Select the login link and manually enter your ID and Password. The workflow will take you directly to the quote or policy you were trying to access on RightPrice Web.

Question: Why did the Social Security Number drop from the quote in RightPrice Web when I bridged it over from my rater?

Answer: If the co-applicant?s Social Security Number (SSN) is a duplicate of the applicant?s, it will be dropped from the quote. If you switch the order of the applicant and co-applicant on the quote and re-rate it, be sure to update the SSN to match the appropriate client.

Note: The SSN is not a required field for RightPrice Web, but if the information is entered it must be in the proper format and must be unique to each client.

Question: Why did the Driver?s License number drop from the quote when it was bridged from my rater?

Answer: The driver?s license number is not required for a quick quote, but if it is entered it must be in the correct format for that state in order to appear on the RightPrice Web quote. If it does not meet the format requirements for that state, the license number will be dropped from the quote.

Question: Why does "DTC" (Direct To Carrier) show up as my prior carrier when I select Kemper from the raters prior carrier pick list?

Answer: Rewrite rules are activated on RightPrice Web when ?Kemper? has been selected as the prior carrier. To avoid the rewrite rules for a new business quote, the selection of 'Kemper' will be transformed into "DTC" (Direct to Carrier), thereby allowing normal new business entry rules to apply. Quotes can be bound with the DTC name, so be sure to update the information to reflect the true prior carrier. If the intent is to transfer a risk from your system into RightPrice Web for a rewrite purpose, simply update the pick list option on RightPrice Web and the rewrite rules will be invoked automatically.



Question: I am not currently set up for downloads with Kemper, what do I have to do to start receiving downloads?

Answer: Please contact The Agency Help Desk at 866-675-3345 option 2 or you can send an email to with your Producer Code, Agency Management System name, and Ivan?s Y-Account. If you do not have an Ivan?s account one can be created for you.

Question: I made a change to a policy yesterday but did not receive the change in my download today, what should I do?

Answer: Please contact the Agency Help Desk at 866-675-3345 option 2 or you can send an email to We will make sure it is redownloaded on the next available date.

Question: Can a Personal Catastrophic Liability (PCL) Policy be downloaded as a separate line of business?

Answer: Yes, we can now download a PCL policy as a separate line of business in all states, except Maryland. If you would like to start receiving PCL downloads as a separate line of business, please call the Agency Help Desk at 866-675-3345, Option 2 or send an email to

Question: What Agency Management Systems can receive PCL downloads?

Answer: PCL download is currently available for:
  • Applied- Tam, VISION, EPIC
  • AMS-360, AFW, Prime
  • Sagitta
  • Instar
  • Doris



Question: Is it necessary to print all of the forms listed under Application Documents when issuing a new policy?

Answer: No. All required forms, such as the UM/UIM Selection forms, Medical Payment forms, Privacy Notice and Automatic Payment Authorization forms, are included with the Application Documents.

Question: What forms am I required to return to the company?

Answer: You must return the signed UM/UIM Selection/Rejection forms and the signed Medical Payment Selection/Rejection form. In states, where applicable, you must also return the First Party Benefit forms. Recurring Bill Pay forms should also be returned to the company.

Question: Where should I send the UM/UIM and Medical Payment forms?

Answer: Please fax the forms to 866.375.3676 or email them to

Question: Where should I send the Recurring Bill Pay forms?

Answer: In order to store hard copies of Automatic Payment - Credit Card Authorization forms and still comply with credit card security requirements,show ONLY the last four digits of the credit card account number on the form.

After you enter the credit card or banking information into RightPrice Web® or the Kemper Billing System (KBS), please store the Authorization Forms with your agency's files.


Kemper Alerts

Question: What is "Kemper Alerts"?

Answer: Kemper Alerts is Kemper's Agency Alert System. It provides agents with the ability to create customized reports to monitor policy and claim activity. Kemper Alerts is a completely optional program designed to help you manage your book of business with Kemper.

Question: How do I sign up for Kemper Alerts?

Answer: Go to the Home page of Agent Inside and select Reporting Tools; you will be taken to a new page to complete your desired alert method and set your preferences. To activate Kemper Alerts, you must select the Opt In radio button and define at least one preference. Once this has been completed, click the Save Preferences button at the bottom of the screen.

Question: What Types of alerts are available and how are they received?

Answer: Alerts are available for the following:

New Business
  • Notification that a new business policy has been issued.
  • Notification that a renewal policy has been issued with the option to be alerted to significant term premium amount or premium percentage change.
  • Notification that a renewal has been cancelled for non-payment of premium of the renewal term.
Cancellations with the option to be alerted based on criteria you enter for term premium.
  • Notification that a policy is pending cancellation for non-payment of premium.
  • Notification that an insured has requested cancellation of an active policy.
  • Notification of Underwriter requested cancellation.
  • Notification of Non-Payment Cancellation.
  • Notification that a policy has been reinstated.
Mid-term changes
  • Notification of Mid-Term changes with the option to be alerted on only increased or decreased premium changes.
  • Notification that a youthful driver has been added to a policy with the option to be alerted based on age criteria you enter.
  • Notification that a vehicle has been added to a policy.
  • Notification that a policy is flagged for non-renewal at the next renewal term with the option to be alerted based on criteria you enter for the premium of the policy
  • Notification that a claim has been opened or closed.

If you have elected to receive alerts via email, an Alert Summary will be sent when activity based on your saved preferences has occurred. To view additional information including policy number and renewal/prior term premium, click the link to Agent Inside that is included in the email. If you are already logged in to Agent Inside, you will be automatically directed to the Kemper Alerts Report for more details. If not, you will be prompted to log in and then will be directed to the Kemper Alerts Report.

You are not required to enroll in email notification to participate in Kemper Alerts. You will not receive notification or be prompted to review your alerts if you select ?No? for the email alert option. You can monitor activity by viewing your Kemper Alerts Report located under the My Agency menu in Agent Inside at any time.

Question: Can I filter the alerts available to my CSRs?

Answer: Yes. When a CSR signs up for Kemper Alerts, only the data for the producer codes that are assigned to their ID will be presented. Alerts can be filtered by:
  • Last Name (Tip: this is helpful if your CSRs support policies based on the customer?s last name.)
  • Producer Codes (Tip: this is helpful if the CSR has access to more than one producer code.)
  • Line of Business

Question: If I set or change my preferences in Kemper Alerts, how soon will I start seeing alerts?

Answer: All changes in your preferences are available to view immediately in your Kemper Alerts Report, retroactively for 30 days.

Question: I viewed my Kemper Alerts Report, but I do not see the Declaration Page for the renewal policy or the endorsement for an additional/return premium change.

Answer: To view or print a copy of a specific Declarations Page, a separate search is required. Simply click Customer Documents on the left-hand menu.

Question:What information will be displayed in my Kemper Alert Report?

Answer: All Alert Reports contain the following information:
  • Named Insureds' first and last name.
  • Alert Date or date the transaction was processed in Kemper systems.
  • Effective date of the current policy term.
  • Package Indicator. A Package policy is not considered a separate Line of Business in Kemper Alerts. Results for Package policies are displayed separately by Line of Business (Auto or Home) with a Package Indicator of Y (Yes) or N (No).
  • Producer Code associated with this policy.
New Business Alerts include these additional data:
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Term Premium for the New Business policy

Renewal Alerts include:
  • Renewal effective date.
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Renewal Term premium.
  • Prior Term premium.
  • Percent of increase or decrease from the prior term premium.

Renewal Offers Canceled Alerts include:
  • Renewal effective date.
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Renewal Term premium.
  • Prior Term premium.
  • Percent of increase or decrease from the prior term premium.
  • Payer if it's a Home Policy.

Cancellation Pending Alerts include:
  • Cancellation Effective Date if premium is not paid.
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Current Term Premium.
  • Minimum Premium Due to avoid cancellation.
  • Total Premium Due or the remaining balance on the policy.

Insured Request Cancellation and Underwriter Requested Cancellation Alerts include:
  • Cancellation Effective Date.
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Policy unearned premium or the portion of the policy premium that has not been used.

Non-Payment Cancellation Alerts include:
  • Date the policy canceled.
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Policy unearned premium or the portion of the policy premium that has not been used.

Mid-Term Alerts include:
  • Line of Business such as Auto or Home.
  • Premium increase or decrease created by the latest policy endorsement.
  • Whether a Youthful Driver age 25 or younger was added to the policy.
  • Year, Make, and Model of vehicle that was added to the policy. Vehicle substitutions are not included in Mid-Term Alerts.

Open Claims Alerts include:
  • Date of the Loss.
  • Type of Claim such as Auto, Property, or Liability.
  • Claim Number.
  • Claim Status including Open, Pending Open or Reopened Claims

Closed Claim Alerts include:
  • Date of the Loss.
  • Type of Claim such as Auto, Property or Liability.
  • Claim Number.
  • Claim Status including Closed, Pending Close or Canceled Claims.
  • Amount paid out on claim.

Question: Do the Kemper Alert Reports include real-time data?

Answer: The alerts actually contain point-in-time data. This means that all events are in the status reported, at the time they're reported. The difference between real-time and point-in-time is that status can change one or more times daily, so results included should be monitored. An example of this is if a policy is pending cancellation due to non-payment, and it's included in the Kemper Alert Report, it's possible that the payment could be made before the agent contacts the insured.


Manage My Customer
Question: How can I see a snapshot of my Kemper Preferred book of business at one time?

Answer: Use the Customer Documents search function on Agent Inside to access your portfolio of Kemper Preferred business within a given date range. Specify a document type, enter your producer code and the date range, and the Customer Documents function will return a list of all your policyholders within that date range. The list shows a detailed view of each policyholder as well as all related documents. From there, you can print the results or export them to an Excel file.

Question: Why are some documents not displaying correctly when I search Customer
Documents in Agent Inside?

Answer: A recent upgrade to Internet Explorer® 8 may be causing display problems with Agent
Inside. This error is a result of a known compatibility issue, and Microsoft® has made a patch
available to correct the problem. Access the Cumulative Security Update KB2360131 from
Microsoft's support website and follow these instructions to install the fix:

1. Click the Download button on the page to start the download, or choose a different
  language from the drop-down list and click Go
2. Do one of the following:
  • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location
  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save or Save this program to disk

Question: How can I see a full summary of history and activity for a single policyholder?

Answer:The Customer Search function on Agent Inside lets you pull up documents, claim activity and billing history for a single policyholder or for multiple policyholders. Enter the policyholder's last name into Customer Search and click "search." Click the checkbox next to the policyholder(s) you're looking for to show policy and billing details, claim history, and all related documents such as Declarations Pages, ID Cards and Notices.

Question: Why should my customers register their policies online at

Answer:When your customers register their policies, they can view policy details, print documents, and sign up for automatic payments-and they can even pick their own payment due dates.

Plus, we'll send them our informative quarterly e-newsletter-co-branded with your agency name and contact information-that reminds them how smart they are to have chosen your agency and Kemper Preferred.

Our most recent e-newsletter was emailed to more than 100,000 registered policyholders and enjoyed a remarkable "open rate" of more than twice the industry average.

Urge your customer to register their policies on's quick, easy, and helps us grow profitably together.


Messages / Errors

Question: I cannot navigate beyond the policy view/"EXPAND" mode.

Answer: There are multiple reasons for this error.
  • You may have logged off of the quote incorrectly or received a Critical Error which locked the quote.

    In this case, contact The Agency Help Desk to unlock the policy. 1-866-675-3345 option 2.

  • You logged into RightPrice Web 6.1, entered the policy number and clicked "Start Policy Change" but neglected to enter the "change effective date."

    In this case, enter the change effective date and click the "Start Policy Change" link.

  • You accessed the prior term, but the renewal term had already generated.

    In this case, access the renewal term to process the changes.

Question: When logging into a policy, there is a message at the top of the screen advising me to "Refresh Status." When I click the "Refresh Status" link, it does not work. How can I access the policy?

Answer: Click the "View All" link to the right of the page. Once the next page comes up, scroll to the top, enter in the change effective date, and click "Start Policy Change," which will unlock the policy.

Question: Why am I receiving a Green message?

Answer: Green messages are informational messages. These messages will not prevent the quote/policy from being issued. If you have a question as to why a green message is displayed, please feel free to contact your underwriter at 866-675-3345 option #5.

Question: I received an error beginning with "AK," "AN," "AR," "AS" or "AT" on an auto quote or received an error beginning with "HK," "HR," "HS," HT" on a home quote. What does this mean?

Answer: These are "Knockout" error codes. This means the risk is typically ineligible for coverage and is blocked from further quoting. Contact your underwriter for additional information at 866-675-3345 option 5.

Question: I am attempting to get a verified quote and have encountered a message that indicates "Insured Data has Changed/Reports have not been ordered," but I can see the reports have been ordered.

Answer: The message will appear if a change was made to key fields (DOB, address, spelling of name, etc.), after the original reports were ordered. Navigate to the "Incidents" section and re-order the CLUE/MVR.

Question: I am unable to change the payor on the billing and binding screen.

Answer: You are required to click Undo, on the bill/bind section. Then return to the Policy information section, (the first section in the quote); change the payor information and save. You may now return to the bill/bind Section and enter the billing information

Question: How do I apply account credit?

Answer: For Homeowners, proceed to the "Home Discounts" section of the quote. Click the box: "Does the insured currently insure their auto with Kemper?" For Automobile, proceed to the "Auto Policy Coverages and Discounts" section of the quote. Click the box: "Does insured currently insure their home with Kemper?"

Note: Account credit is only available in the following rating states:
  • AZ
  • KS
  • LA
  • MO
  • CT - KIC only
  • NY - KIC only
  • TX

New Business Quotes

Question: Why did the new business down payment amount change from (1) month down to a different amount?

Answer: Policyholder's who elect to receive paper bills under our monthly premium payment plan are required to provide a 20 percent down payment (not applicable in CA, CO and OR). The required down payment amount displays at the bottom of the Billing and Binding screen in Right Price Web®. Please note, the Quote Summary may not reflect the correct down payment amount based on selected payment plan and payment method. For more information, see New Business Down Payment Requirements.

Question: How can I avoid entering duplicate data in Agent Inside's Quote & Service system?

Answer: To avoid redundant data entry, look for buttons that can copy information from one area to the next. In the Billing & Binding screen, for example, click the checkbox next to the "Down Payment" method of payment to copy your customer's payment information to the "Future Installments" field. This functionality is especially helpful when issuing Package policies and transferring policyholder payment information from Auto to Home.

Question: How can I make it easier to pull up a quote I've already saved in the system?

Answer: We've recently improved the Quote & Service system to allow for more information to be entered into the Quote Label field. The field can now accept up to 15 characters to better accommodate your quote-naming system. When saving quotes to be pulled up at a later date, be sure to label them consistently so you can identify them more easily.

Question: Can I send applications, quotes or other documents to clients and prospects from within RightPrice Web?

Answer: Yes! From the Customer Documents section in RightPrice Web you can send clients and prospects forms and documents as email attachments. Or you can simply email your clients a secure link to their documents (brochures must be emailed as a link).

1. Select the desired documents from the Customer Documents section by clicking the box next to each

2. Click the "E-mail" button at the bottom

3. Then choose to "e-mail as link" or "e-mail as attachment"

E-mail as Link: Send an e-mail to your client that contains a hyperlink to for secure access to sent documents Brochures can only be e-mailed as a link

E-Mail as Attachment: Send an e-mail to your client with the documents attached as PDF files

  • ID Cards and Binders are available only after the policy is issued
  • CLUE reports and MVRs cannot be emailed

  • Question: Can I quote a package policy with two different effective dates?

    Answer: Navigate to the "Policy Information" section and enter the desired effective dates for both the auto and home under the "Effective Date" fields.

    Question: I want to "package" an existing monoline policy, how do I start that transaction?

    Answer: Log into RightPrice Web 6.1, enter the policy number and select the "Convert to Package" link on the left side of the screen.

    Note: The policy effective date is set to the current business date for each line of business, which may be changed, but cannot be back dated more than 120 days. "Convert to Package" feature will not display if policy effective date is greater than current calendar date

    The "Convert to Package" feature cannot be used under the following policy conditions:
    • HO2 monoline home policies
    • Arizona policies
    • New York monoline home policies
    • North Carolina motorcycle policies
    • Texas policies

    Question: Where can I change the effective date of my quote?


    For New Business quotes, navigate to the "Policy Information" section and re-enter the desired policy effective date.

    For Mid-term quotes on existing policies, type over the "Change Effective Date" field and click "Modify Policy Change."

    Note: This will not allow for a change to the effective date outside the policy term (i.e. moving from prior term to renewal term).

    Question: The producer/agency code on my quote/policy is not correct. How can I fix that?


    For new business quotes, navigate to the "Policy Information" section and select the appropriate code from the drop-down menu of the producer code field.

    For existing policies, please fax the request to the Processing Department at: Fax # 570-496-5511 or email to

    Question: What is the maximum number of scenarios I can have for each quote?

    Answer: Agents can create up to 10 scenarios for each New Business quote.

    Question: How long will my quote remain in Right Price Web?

    Answer: Quotes will remain in Right Price Web for 120 days if the quote is not modified. If the quote is modified, it will remain for 90 days from that date. Quotes from the expiring term will be deleted upon the renewal. Any changes to the policy will make the mid-term quote obsolete.

    Question: How do I add the Mature Homeowner Discount?

    Answer: Mature homeowner credit varies by state. Please refer to your state-specific manual listed under homeowner discounts for qualifications.

    Note: The option to select the discount will appear on the Home Discount Tile for new and renewal business if the policyholder meets the state requirements.



    Question: How do I set up policyholders for paperless at new business or mid-term?

    Answer: For new business, answer "Yes," to the paperless policy documents question on the Applicant Information screen and type in the policyholder's email address. You'll then ask the policyholder to sign the Authorization Form that will be generated with the new business application documents.

    Within 60 days, the policyholder must register the policy on by:
    • Going to Customer Preferences and selecting the Paperless Policy Documents option
    • Accepting the online acknowledgement to indicate their desire to receive documents electronically

    To sign up existing policyholders for Paperless Policy documents:

    1. From the RightPrice Web Main Menu, go to the new Paperless Options section and search by policy number
    2. The policyholder's name and policy information will prefill. Click the Yes button in response to the Paperless question and enter the policyholder's email address, then click Submit Request
    3. The policyholder will then receive an email instructing him or her to register the policy on by going to Customer Preferences and selecting the Paperless Documents option and accepting the online Acknowledgement

    Please note that if the policyholder does not register the policy at within 60 days, their preference will change to receiving Paper Documents. If this happens, the original New Business Policy package will not be available to them in paper form.


    Policy Changes

    Question: Can I change the effective date of a policy once it is issued?

    Answer: The effective date of a policy cannot be changed once a policy has been issued. The policy has to be canceled and rewritten with the correct date.

    Note: The only exception is; if you need to amend the effective date of the Credit for Existing Coverage (CEC) on the HOME side of the package policy, please contact your underwriter for assistance as this change cannot be processed in RPW 6.1

    Question: I processed a policy cancellation online yesterday. Why is the policy status not showing as cancelled?

    Answer: Most policies will receive a tracking number for manual cancellation. A Confirmation Screen with a Tracking Number will appear. You may print the screen or write down the Tracking number for future reference.

    Note: Please allow 5 business days for processing. Only Monoline policies in an "active" status and the cancellation reason is "Insured?s Request" are cancelled immediately. A Confirmation Message will display.

    Question: Where can I add/change the lien holder/loss payee or mortgagee information in my quote?

    Answer: Navigate to the lien holder or mortgagee section and make the appropriate changes.

    Question: Can I "exclude" liability coverage from the first or only vehicle listed on the policy?

    Answer: Please contact your underwriter to verify state requirements.

    Question: The Renewal term has already generated but I want to make a change effective today.

    Answer: Put in the change effective date:

    You will receive an alert that you can make the change in Multiple Terms or a Single Term.

    Modifications to the below policy characteristics can only be processed with a change effective date in the most current renewal term
    • Changes to Bill Payor type located within the Policy Information Section
    • Named Insured details including address, date of birth, and marital status located within the Applicant Information Section
    • Home Property Address field, located within the Property Information Section.
    Policy Change Example -

    Addition of a vehicle AND amendment to the Named Insured Information

    • The Applicant Information cannot be amended for multiple terms. If you attempt to edit the Named Insured under the Applicant Information Section, you will receive the following message: Alert: Multi-Term is not available for this type of change. Please select undo and continue with a change effective date in the most current term.
      As most vehicle changes can be processed for multiple terms, proceed with these changes, Calculate Premium and Click ?Update Policy? to finalize.
    • You must begin a new change to amend the Named Insured; the change effective date must be in the most current renewal term.
    Note: You may click the policy number "hyperlink" rather than exiting the application to begin the change.



    Question: I know that Package Plus policies retain longer and have a better loss ratio. I'd like to rewrite all of my monoline policies into Package. How do I do this?

    Answer: Kemper Preferred's Rewrite function in Agent Inside is a fast and easy way to rewrite a monoline policy to Package Plus. In most cases, the rewrite function will populate the new policy data and automatically cancel the previous policy. The system is designed to carry over all entered information. However, it's a good idea to review all new policy data for accuracy and make changes as needed. Please note that the existing policy must be in effect for more than 90 days prior to rewriting.

    Typical rewrite example:
    • Rewrite an existing Monoline policy to a Package policy
    Proceed to the Quote & Service tab of Agent Inside, choose "Monoline to Package" from the "Rewrite Existing Kemper Business" menu.

    Enter the existing policy number and follow the screen prompts. For more detailed instructions on rewriting policies, visit the Agent Inside Training Tools>Training Documents>Quoting & Servicing>Kemper Rewrites


    Technical & Security Help

    Question: How do I obtain a login ID for either myself or a new staff member?

    Answer: Contact your Marketing Specialist/Marketing Rep at 866.675.3345, option 4 and they will help you obtain the login ID.

    Question: Can I reset my password without calling The Agency Help Desk?

    Answer: Click the Forgot my password or the Forgot my login ID link, also available via the Agent Inside login page, and follow the instructions.

    Note: You cannot re-enable a "suspended" password through this feature. If you receive a "Login has been suspended" message, please contact The Agency Help Desk at 866.675.3345 option 2.

    Question: Why can't I change my password when trying to log in to Agent Inside?

    Answer: There may be an issue with compatibility. You can do a quick compatibility check following these directions:

    For Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10
    1. Click the Compatibility View button ( ) that appears in the Address bar at the top of your screen
    2. You will either receive a message that the site you're in is now running in Compatibility View OR you will see a list of sites in Compatibility View
    3. Type in Kemper's website:
    4. Click Add, then Close
    For all other versions
    1. Open Internet Explorer in the desktop
    2. Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar (or press and hold the Address bar and then select Menu bar)
    3. Click Tools, then Compatibility View settings
    4. Add Kemper's website:
    5. Click Add, then Close

    Question: Why do I see a red line of words down the left hand side of the screen in RightPrice Web® when I enter a change effective date?

    Answer: There may be an issue with compatibility. You can do a quick compatibility check following these directions:

    For Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10
    1. Click the Compatibility View button ( ) that appears in the Address bar at the top of your screen
    2. You will either receive a message that the site you're in is now running in Compatibility View OR you will see a list of sites in Compatibility View
    3. Type in Kemper's website:
    4. Click Add, then Close
    For all other versions
    1. Open Internet Explorer in the desktop
    2. Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar (or press and hold the Address bar and then select Menu bar)
    3. Click Tools, then Compatibility View settings
    4. Add Kemper's website:
    5. Click Add, then Close